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The fire marshal takes high-piled storage compliance seriously, and so do we.  You should too.  However, high-piled storage compliance is difficult and confusing.  Therefore, let Active Industrial Fire Protection handle your high-piled storage compliance while you focus on your bottom line.  High-piled storage is our core competency, and we let you focus on yours.  Reach out to us today.


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Warehouse Selection and Relocation

High-piled storage compliance is crucial to selecting the correct warehouse. Our team can assist in locating high-piled storage compliant warehouses. Whether we work with you or your brokerage team, call us today.
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High-Piled Storage Permits

High-piled storage permitting is both confusing and ambiguous. AIFP can take the confusion and ambiguity out of the high-piled permitting process and allow you to focus on your bottom line and core competencies in order to serve your customers better.
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Warehouse Layout and Design

Designing your warehouse is not as simple as placing pallet racking and floor-storage within the confines of the warehouse. Fire sprinkler protection and commodity classification dictate what and how high materials can be stored.
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Fire Code Consulting

The fire code is a dynamic document, and it is adopted by most of the United States. Active Industrial Fire Protection are expert fire code consultants. We ensure compliance with the latest fire codes and standards, including fire sprinkler design and commodity classification.
What Fire Code Questions Do You Have

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Most jurisdictions enforce ERRC testing for larger warehouses. This ensures that emergency responders can communicate throughout the building during a fire. This topic is crucial to fireman's life safety.
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Hazardous Materials Storage

The fire marshal is very concerned with Hazardous Materials Storage. The maximum allowable quantities are much less than most realize, and the storage requirements are different between the DOT and the Fire Code.
Is Your HazMat Storage Compliant

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Navigating the fire code and City ordinances is not easy.  That is why Active Industrial Fire Protection was founded.

Active Industrial Fire Protection bridges the gaps between code requirements, material handling equipment and storage, and technology.  This ensures that any missed opportunities, mistakes, or technological advances are accounted for in any project.

Active Industrial Fire Protection, formerly Cato Industrial Group, has been around since 2009 to serve the industrial storage community.  This includes end-users, the authority having jurisdiction, tenant representatives, and owner representatives.  We understand all aspects of the industrial transaction to ensure that each party in the process achieves its goals for a successful project.  This way, and forgive the cliche, everybody wins.


We Tackle High-Challenge Projects.

Fire Sprinkler Design

Often, especially in older buildings, the fire sprinkler system may not be sufficient to protect the stored commodities. AIFP can hydraulically calculate existing systems to determine protection and design sprinkler upgrades to make existing systems compliant.
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Commodity Classification

Classifying commodities is the most essential component of a high-piled storage project. Commodity classification determines the maximum storage height and even the use of the warehouse. High-hazard commodities can sometimes lead to a change of use.
What commodities are you storing?

Hazardous Materials

Many common household goods are considered hazardous materials when manufactured or repackaged, such as hand sanitizer. The maximum quantities allowed in an unprotected warehouse are very small. Are you at risk?
Find out how much HazMat you can store
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The Ultimate Guide to High-Piled Storage

Educate yourself on the requirements of high-piled storage, occupancy regulations, hazardous materials storage, and other industrial occupancy related items.