Fire Code Consulting

Active Industrial Fire Protection has the skills and expertise to put together the puzzle that is the building and fire code complex.

Fire Code Consulting Should Not Just be About the Fire Code - Its All Connected.

Active Industrial Fire protection understands that fire code consulting is a cross-functional discipline.  Other consultants often treat the different codes as silos, handing off the review of each to different disciplines.  However, this approach allows mistakes and gaps in information to creep into the project, and in the end can derail an otherwise successful project.  Therefore, AIFP works across the functions of the codes and standards to present a complete picture of the project that satisfies all of the stakeholders - the AHJ, tenant, property manager, and the owner.

This complete pictures provides for full compliance with fire and life safety.  It also provides for the most cost effective and process efficient approach to solving the problem at hand.  Whether it be a fire sprinkler system upgrade, alternative methods and materials, or a performance based design. AIFP can get you compliant in a business friendly manner.

Fire Code Consulting

Active Industrial Fire Protection offers the following code consulting services:

  • Building Code consulting
  • Fire Code consulting
  • ADA compliance
  • OSHA compliance
  • Occupancy permit consulting
  • Hazardous materials consulting
  • High-piled storage consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Risk analysis
  • Third party plans review

Fire Protection Engineering Services

Active Industrial Fire Protection offers the following fire protection engineering services:

  • Fire sprinkler and suppression system design
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Performance based life safety design
  • Alternative materials and methods
  • Smoke control designs
  • Building fire modelling
  • Technical reports

Ready to Put Together Your Puzzle?

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