Emergency Responder Radio Coverage

Communication is critical on the fireground.  It ensures the safety of the firefighters battling a fire at the scene and making sure everyone has the best chance of going home safely.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage is Required by the Fire Code.  Has Your Site Been Tested?

Communication on the fireground is done through land mobile radios (LMRs).  Therefore, it is critical that the signal from these devices is able to be transmitted and received clearly at the fire scene to endure effective fire command and control.

Section 510 of the 2018 International Fire Code (and recent older versions) regulate Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC).  For industrial buildings, any warehouse larger than 50,000 ft2 or taller than four stories must be tested for ERRC and have an ERRC operational permit.  

§510 of the IFC requires 95% signal strength with a delivered audio quality (DAQ) of 3.0.  The building must be tested in specified areas, and the test results documented on the plans.  The test results are then submitted for the permit.  

These tests are done using specialized equipment and with emergency responder's radios in order to prove reception.  Therefore, it is near impossible to complete this testing without the assistance of a professional service provider.

Active Industrial Fire Protection can perform theses tests for you.  If you need an Emergency Responder Radio Coverage permit and test, then call us today.

Need an ERRC permit or test?

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