Warehouse Layout and Design

Active Industrial Fire Protection is one of the few firms hat understands the impact your warehouse layout and design can have on your abilaity to use a warehouse.  Therefore, rely on our expertise to design your (or redesign) your warehouse.

Design your warehouse layout based on fire code compliance.

Warehouse layout and design must encompass your number of SKU's, your product throughput and your supply chain needs. However, they must also conform to the fire codes and standards.  Otherwise, a fire marshal may come in and shut down the operation, or worse, a fire event make take down the operation, and possibly a neighbor's operation in a multi-tenant building.

Active Industrial Fire Protection has over 20 years in the material handling business, and with graduate level education, can provide the ultimate material handling system that meets the business needs while also satisfying the local adopted code requirements.  Designing a warehouse this way is critical for many reasons:

  • Utilize not only the square footage but the cubic footage as well, maximizing the use of the space
  • Select the racking type and aisle spacing that take into account your throughput, available space, and sprinkler protection
  • Provide the ability to grow and and expand services while remaining compliant and protected

The fire sprinkler system dictates the storage height of your product.  Therefore, based on the existing or proposed sprinkler protection, Active Industrial Fire Protection can design the following systems for you, ensuring they are compliant and protected:

  • Selective pallet rack systems - single and double-row racks as well as deep reach and very narrow aisle (VNA) systems
    • This includes wire guidance, rail guidance, or RFID pills
    • This also include document storage systems with catwalks
  • Push-back rack systems - first in, last out, but with a larger number of pick faces
  • Pallet flow systems - first in, first out
  • Drive-in and drive-through systems - first in, last out, with the highest density of storage but the least amount of pick faces
  • Pick modules - a combination of racking and sortation for your fulfillment centers
  • Automated storage and retrieval systems
  • Automated guidance vehicle systems
  • Rack supported buildings
  • Conveyance systems
  • Mobile racks
  • Stacking racks
  • Metal shelving systems
  • Mezzanine systems

The worst thing that can happen is to spend the most significant number in your operations budget and have the fire marshal come in and order you to lower your stock because the building cannot support your storage arrangement.  This is more comment than you think, so reach out to us today for a free consultation on how we can help you avoid this possible tragic event.

Is Your Pallet Rack Storage Protected?

Call us today for a free site visit and storage evaluation.  We will provide you with a report that outlines your existing protection.